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Libertas is a global independent trader of oil and petroleum products. We can offer an efficient logistics and storage service around the world. As physical traders we have experience of economic fundamentals as they happen on the floor.


As a globally connected trader we can optimise your supply chain and service your requirements worldwide. Libertas Crude team has a good understanding of technical and fundamental market dynamics allowing us the to respond speedily to shifting markets and take opportunities to enhance our clients profitability. 

We source oil from a variety of suppliers including major production companies and oil majors. Libertas offers distribution solutions for producers and assist refineries with bespoke shipments. We are developing a position in the US crude export market. With strong relationships with refineries and producers in Europe, we are positioned to place shipments even at times of oversupply. In China we are creating strong partnerships with private sector refineries. 


Strategic partnerships in Europe offers us access to tankage and long term supplies of tradable oil streams. 


Our Gasoline team has a market presence in components and strategically located tankage. We source, store and deliver price efficient gasoline to our clients around the world. We focus on optimal performance and quality service building long term relationships with suppliers and partners globally.

We charter ocean tankers for our clients taking care of there logistic requirements. Assisting them to grow their business. 


We are developing sources in the Gulf Coast, New York Harbour, Mediterranean, Caribbean Basin and Singapore. We supply to clients in Brazil and Central America.


Our fuel team combines extensive market experience and reliable logistics to connect producers and end users. We analyse macro economic and market led patterns and trends. We align blends with specific demand. We work in the main fuel centres of Dubai, Singapore and Rotterdam, with supply contracts to the Caribbean countries. Regulatory changes are pushing a move towards low sulphur grades. Libertas is increasing the amount of low sulphur in line with market trends. 


We strongly promote biodiesel as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel based diesel and we actively trade on all major international trade routes. Libertas biodiesel team sources supplies globally and directly from agribusiness. Always developing strategic partnerships with producers in the Americas, Asia and Europe.


We store and transport biodiesel and ethanol wherever you require, our clients include oil majors and refineries.